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Heavy Truck, RV, and Fleet Repair Services

Truck Repair Services



Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


Heavy Truck Repairs

Medium and Heavy Truck Repairs and Services

Preventative Maintenance and Inspections

  • Annual DOT Inspections in the shop or on site.
  • Fluid and filter service.
  • Lubrications, adjustments, and general maintenance.

Diagnosis and Computer Fault Repairs

  • Computer diagnosis for all systems and all warning lights on all vehicles.
  • Computer connectivity for all makes and models of trucks, engines, and transmission combinations.

Engine Repairs and Services

  • Injectors, sleeves, valves and internal component repair.
  • Oil pumps, oil pans, and internal repair and replacement.

Transmissions, Differentials, Clutches and Transfer Cases

  • Transmission, differential, and diagnosis and repair.
  • Clutch, flywheel, u-joint, and driveline service.

Heating, Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems

  • Evacuate and recharge maintenance service
  • Component diagnosis and repair: Compressors, hoses, heater cores.
  • Waterpumps, radiators, and gaskets diagnosis and repair


  • Batteries, starters, and alternators diagnosis and repair.
  • Wiring repair and replacement.

Brakes, Steering, Front End, Alignments and Suspension

  • 2-way, 4-way alignments, and frame straightening available.
  • Steering linkage and king pin replacement.
  • Power steering pumps and steering box service and repair.
  • Air bags: Sensors, lines, and bag replacement or adjustments.
  • Complete brake service and routine brake replacement.

Trailer and Equipment Repair

  • Air Bags, Wiring, and ABS diagnosis and repair.
  • King pin plates and landing gear replacement or repairs.
  • External skin repairs.
  • Trailer door repair and replacement.

Interior, Instrumentation, Windows, Door Handles and Locks

  • Anything broken inside or around your truck we can diagnose and repair.

Propane Auto Gas

  • Complete propane auto gas installation, diagnosis, repair and service.
  • All systems, all manufacturers.